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10 TIPS How to Prevent Hair Breakage: Part 2


Remember that growing beautiful, healthy hair is more than just products which is why we bring you this easy to read information to help you along your healthy hair journey. Be sure to check out the resources list at the bottom of the page for product information as well as other topics on our site. Now let's get into it!

10 TIPS How to Prevent Hair Breakage: Part 2

10 Tips How to Prevent Hair Breakage Part 26. Moisturise daily or every other day. I know this may be a difficult one but you just need to listen to your hair. When you touch it and if feels a little dry then you need to moisturise it. This means spraying it with a bit of water or a hair mist and then sealing the moisture in with a butter and /or oil. You’ll figure out through experience how much is too much and how much is too little. Tip: start with a little bit of product and work your way up to more. If you put too much product too soon, you’ll have to rewash your hair.

7. Have a night care routine. Protect your hair while you sleep by sleeping on a satin pillowcase which is essential and convenient. If you’d like to preserve a hairstyle like a sleek bun or you’ve got your edges slicked down and on fleek, then invest in a satin-lined head wrap so your style stays intact while your hair remains moisturised. Cotton will dry your hair out! No joke!

8. Protect your ends. This does not apply for the winter season only or wearing long-term protective styles like braids and cornrows. Get creative and have fun with your hair by switching your styles up so that every other week your ends are tucked away. Your ends are not only the oldest part of your hair but receive the most abuse. They are constantly rubbing up against the different fabric that you wear while you’re rocking your twist-out or braid-out etc. It’s too bad we can’t rock an all-satin outfit daily. Lol!

9. Avoid heat. I know it’s hard but I promise you will get used to living without it. Heat damage is NOT a myth fam! If you can’t put the hair dryer down, blow dry your hair on the lowest heat setting a couple of times a year only! I’m not playing with you fam! As for a straightening iron… hehe… get a professional who understands ethnic hair to straighten your hair. If you insist on a DIY project, always use quality equipment with a visible and adjustable temperature setting. WARNING! All it takes is one time, then it’s back to transitioning or the big chop. So ask yourself just how much you really want that sleek look.

10. Listen to your hair. It’s important that you get to know your hair and look at how it behaves when you add product and when it’s dry etc. When you get to know your hair, you’ll know when it’s time to trim, when it’s time for a protein treatment etc. Keep a diary of how your hair behaves to keep track of changes that affect your hair negatively and positively as well.


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Would you like to receive a FREE cheat sheet of our 10 TIPS How to Prevent Hair Breakage? Simply fill in the form below and it will be emailed to you!

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