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5 Tips to Soften Coarse Hair


I have very dry, coarse hair, how can I make it softer?

We all have different types of hair. Some people have very dry, coarse hair in some areas of their head but some people have course hair in general. If you have coarse hair, for whatever reason, we've got some tips to help you soften your hair.


Archaic Human WGN Solutions Clarifying Chocolate Hair MaskClarifying your hair helps remove product build-up. As you apply products week after week, they form a layer over your hair strands. In most cases using a gentle shampoo or co-washing does not remove all the product, causing build-up. Product build-up prevents your hair from receiving new products and can leave your hair feeling limp and looking dull. It's advisable that you clarify your hair once a month.

Try the WGN Solutions Clarifying Chocolate Hair Mask.

Alternatively, if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of lady, you can make an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse with a ratio of one part water and one part vinegar.


Use a sulphate-free shampoo. Back in the day, shampoo was the enemy of a natural hair regimen, but not anymore. We now have access to shampoos that were created with our hair in mind. Please read the ingredient list before buying your next shampoo bottle or shop our shampoos here. They were made with your hair in mind.

For more information on selecting the right shampoo, head to "The Moisture Series: Shampoo"


Archaic Human Hot Oil Treatment WGN Solutions Pre-pooing or doing a hot oil treatment can greatly improve the health of your hair, leaving it soft and easy to manipulate. This treatment will nourish the hair, restore shine and add moisture. Take care when choosing and mixing oils together.

To do a hot oil treatment, simply warm up the oil of your choice in a bowl of hot water (please do not microwave your oil). Part your hair into sections and apply the oil from the tips to the roots. Take time to massage your scalp and ensure that all your strands are coated with the oil. Then put on a plastic cap or bag and sit under a dryer for 30 minutes. Alternatively, wear a beanie or headwrap to help generate heat to your scalp. Then shampoo and continue with your normal hair regimen. If you prefer to pre-poo check out "The Moisture Series: Pre-poo".

If you're not good at mixing oils and don't know which oils work best together then, try the WGN Solutions Trio. These oils are amazing!


Deep condition at least once a week. After shampooing, apply your conditioner, put on a plastic bag and sit under a dryer. Alternatively, if you don't own a dryer, wear a beanie or a headwrap. For more info on how to deep condition and the benefits, check out "The Moisture Series: Deep Condition".


Avoid direct heat. This includes hairdryers, flat irons and the sun. The first two are pretty obvious but the sun can be quite damaging as well, especially with the South African climate. You may notice that:

  • The top of your head is dryer and coarser than the rest of your head.
  • Your crown may seem to "grow slower" than the rest of your hair
  • This part of your hair has a different curl pattern compared to the rest of your hair
  • It’s the area you struggle to get good curl definition

This is because the sun can cause damage without you being aware. It's ok to let your hair out during winter or summer but during hottest hours of the day, consider wearing a hat or wrap to protect your strands.

Do you have tips to share on how you soften your coarse hair? Share with us in the comments below.

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