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5 Ways to Stop a Receding Hairline


I have a hairline problem, kindly recommend the best products.

Having a receding hairline can be a cause of discomfort and embarrassment for many people. It is difficult to hide and can take away from the beauty of the hairstyle you are wearing.

However, there are different reasons why you could experience a receding hairline. It could be the way you style your hair, the products you use, a medical condition or just your daily habits which compound to create bigger problems.

For every one of these problems, there is a solution.

STYLING - cornrows, braids and tight ponytails

Protective style Archaic HumanYou need to STOP styling your hair this way if your edges are disappearing before your eyes. Your edges need a break. If you continue to style your hair this way, you're likely going to cause irreparable damage to your hairline.

TIP: Try wearing your hair loose or wearing loose protective styles like @naturallysini depicted here. It's simply, beautiful!

 PRODUCTS - gels

Slicked down edges and swirl patterns are all the rage right now but they could do serious damage to your edges. A lot of gels tend to dry hard, which can cause hair breakage.

TIP: Instead of slicking down your edges with a gel, try smoothing your hair with a heavy butter, like shea butter or mango butter.

If you've already lost some of your edges, gently massage your edges using oils that contain healing and strengthening properties like the Afri-berry Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the Earth Hair Hairline & Scalp Strengthening Growth Rescue Oil.

Hairline Products Archaic Human

TOOLS - brushes and combs

Brushes give you that sleek finish when you're trying to smooth down your edges. However, using a brush regularly can cause breakage and the loss of your hairline.

TIP: Try dampening your hair and using your fingers to slick down your edges using heavier butters like shea butter and mango butter. Then wrap your edges with a satin headband for a few minutes to lay your edges flat and set them.

Use your fingers to "comb", separate and style your hair instead of a comb.

MEDICAL CONDITION - alopecia and more...

If you are suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition or medication you're taking, you've got to speak to a doctor or a dermatologist. Natural remedies may not be sufficient to heal your hair follicles. You may require a more intense treatment. Either way, you need a professional consultation to receive the best and most effective solution.


Keep your edges clean and moisturised.

If you have natural hair it's ok if your edges get a little wet when you wash your face.

If you have relaxed hair, wrap your edges with a satin-lined headband before you wash your face to keep them from reverting.

Get yourself a satin pillowcase! It really makes a difference to the health of your hair.

How do you keep your edges intact? Comment below?

Featured image: Pinterest

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  • Archaic Human
    Archaic Human

    Hi Maria

    You’re welcome. We are glad you find our tips helpful. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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  • Maria Vincent
    Maria Vincent

    Thanks for the sharing this valuable informative post. Those tips are really cool. I will definitely try those at home and let you know the result.

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