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Beginner's Series 2: Know your porosity


Your porosity determines your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. This is helpful in figuring out how to keep your hair moisturised. A porosity test is quick and easy. Just take a couple of strands of your clean hair and place them in a glass of water and wait for 5-10 minutes.

Porosity testIf you have low porosity hair, your strands will float at the top as the hair struggles to absorb moisture. The low porosity hair shaft is difficult to penetrate and products build up easily.

If you have medium porosity hair, your strands will float in the middle as your strands are able to absorb and release moisture at a normal level.

High porosity hair will sink to the bottom of the glass as it can absorb moisture easily but can just as easily lose it.  If you have high porosity hair, your hair can feel dry no matter how often you moisturise.

Knowing your hair’s porosity will help you understand why your hair reacts to certain things (including hair products) in a certain way. It can help explain why your hair feels dry and brittle all the time. Why it seems like the products you put on just sit on the hair, leaving it oily but still dry. Why your hair is breaking!

Remember no two heads are the same so it’s really important that you get to know your hair. What works for others might not work for you. If you tell yourself that you want your hair to look just like someone else’s, you’re likely to be very disappointed.

There is no amount of styling product in the world that will make your hair look or behave like someone else’s. So don’t get caught up looking for the miracle hair product.  

Your hair is beautiful, just the way it is. Once you get to know it, you will fall in love!

Look out for Part 3 of the Beginner's Series: Create a Routine

Would you like to receive a FREE cheat sheet of our Beginner's Series? Simply fill in the form below and it will be emailed to you!

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