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Coconut Oil for Hair


As a first time user of this product, I would have liked a little more information about how to actually use the product. For example, I have never used coconut oil before and I was surprised to find how hard it is. I don't know how to soften it to apply it to my hair as well as how often it should be applied.




Archaic Human Daolus Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes from the processing of the flesh of a mature coconut.


  • Reduces protein loss
  • Helps to reduce frizz when styling
  • Works as a deep conditioner to keep hair soft, moisturised and easy to manage
  • Protects the hair from sun damage
  • Safe to use on children


Use it as a pre-poo treatment

Archaic Human Pre-poo OilsIf your hair feels weak, limp and has lost its elasticity, it's probably time for a protein treatment. Coconut oil will help to strengthen your hair if it's relaxed or coloured. It is recommended that you only do this treatment once a month or as needed.

Check out Moisture Series: Pre-poo for more on how to do a pre-poo treatment.

Alternative recommended products: 

Suki Suki Natural Miraculous Oil 

WGN Solutions Pre-poo Magic

Use it as a dandruff treatment

Archaic Human Dandruff RemedyIf you suffer from dandruff, mix a small amount of coconut oil with lemon juice, apply it to your scalp and massage it in for a few minutes then shampoo and continue with your usual washing regimen.

Check out: Let's Talk Scalp Care

Alternative recommended products:

Earth Hair Hairline and scalp Rescue Strengthening Growth Oil

WGN Solutions Growth Blend

WGN Solutions Growth Elixir

Use it on your ends

If you wear your hair out often and it rubs against your clothes a lot, you're probably prone to getting split ends and single strand knots. Smooth some coconut oil onto your ends for some added moisture, protection and slip. This allows your strands to move with less friction.

Use it as a conditioner and moisturiser

If you're a DIY kind of person, you can add some coconut oil to your shea butter along with any other oils of your choice depending on what you'd like to achieve with your hair. Shea butter works as a great moisturiser and sealant.

Check out: The Beginner's Guide to Oils

Alternative products that have both Shea butter and coconut oil on their ingredients list:

Earth Hair Double Moisture Butter

Mabu Tribe Shea-Cocoa Aloe Cream

Malaika Organic Hair Butter

Suki Suki Natural Whipped Shea Cream

Zarona Shea Butter Hair Cream

Archaic Human Shea Butter & Coconut Oil

Use it as a hair detangler

Archaic Human detanglerAgain, if you're into DIY, mix some conditioner with some coconut oil and an essential oil of your choice. Then add some water. Shake it well before use and detangle.

Check out: How to detangle dry, natural hair.

Alternative recommended product:

Earth Hair Detangling & Softening Moisture Spray

There are so many ways to use coconut oil. It does wonders for both hair and skin. How you use it depends on what you want to achieve. We just mentioned a few ways you can use it on your hair but there are many more ways you can use it. It's now up to you to find other ways it can benefit you.

TIP: do not use coconut oil by itself (without mixing it with other products) during the winter season. It hardens when it's cold and it will harden your hair too, causing it to break.

Daolus Organics Coconut Oil is 100% virgin coconut oil.


Store in a cool, dry place. Coconut Oil will harden in a cold environment and melt in a hot environment.

If you didn't know the different ways you can use coconut oil, we hope that this has helped you or at the very least, given you a foundation that you can build on.

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