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How to make your twist outs last longer


I love my twists outs, but I just can’t get them to stay longer.

I love my twist outHello Ladies, you’ve shopped almost every other product you can find on the internet to get those gorgeous twist outs that you see on Youtube. You spend 1 – 2 hours doing your twist outs in the evening, undo them in the morning and you’re excited it worked out, finally. Only to reach day 2 and it looks like you did nothing to your hair.

Some of us may have those days when our twist outs just don’t cut it; they don’t seem to stay any longer than 2 days.


Trim your ends

Always ensure your ends are trimmed before doing your twists outs. This ensures you have defined curls and reduced hair frizz. Visit a good hairdresser who can handle natural hair, if you cannot do it at home.

Have a deep treatment

How often do you do a protein treatment? Frequent protein treatments help to strengthen and repair damaged hair and promote healthy hair follicles. Treating your hair is always important before you create new hairstyles.


Avoid using too much product

Always use just enough product for your hair. It takes a few trial and errors to learn what is too much and too little. Also, listen to your hair; what products does it like, what products does it not like. Find what your hair likes and stick to it. Avoid rushing in with many different products at a go.

TIP: Try to keep away from hair gel; it causes hair to frizz.

Leave the twists on longer

Once you are done with your twists, leave them on overnight before undoing them. If you can rock them even longer, that’s even better. This allows the twists to dry properly and take form.


Your twist out looks amazing! Give yourself a pat on the back and rock that crown. So how do we ensure they last a few days longer than usual?

Oil is all you need

Yes, we do love the LOC method, but once you have your twist outs, stick to just water and oil to moisturise. Lightly spritz the hair with water and apply the oil of your choice. The oil helps seal in moisture and reduces chances of frizzes and humidity affecting your hair. Great oils to use are Daolus Organics Coconut Oil, Daolus Organics Argan Oil or Archaic Human’s Grapeseed Oil. They are light oils and great sealants.

Archaic Human Oils

Satin Bonnets/Scarves

This is every lady’s must-have. If your hair is long enough, section it and hold lightly with a soft band at the roots. You avoid your hair tangling up while still maintaining the curls. If you have a satin pillowcase, sectioning the hair should be enough. If you’re rocking a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), your satin scarf or satin bonnet is good to go. You can rock updo’s once the curls start to wear out on the sides.

Archaic Human Bonnet Satin Pillowcases

Your shower cap ladies

Humidity kills curls! Anytime you have your twist out, put that shower cap on. Don’t say you don’t need a shower cap because you have natural hair and spray water on almost daily. Do keep the shower cap on.

There you go ladies, tips to maintaining your twists longer than 2 days. This can apply to your bantu knots, perm rod sets etc. We are happy to hear from you about how you maintain your twists. Please feel free to comment below.

Are twist outs not just working for you? Let us know why you think that is.

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