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It’s National Women’s Day!


As we commemorate our fellow women of courage Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophie Williams and Lilian Ngoyi, it is also a time to celebrate you. The achievements you have made so far, the challenges you have overcome, the storms you have gone through and come out smiling and a better person. The list is endless of things we can celebrate on this day but when I thought about this day here's what came to mind:


I imagine these four ladies who took up the challenge to stand in the gap for other women and men alike. People must have thought they were crazy, that they were women willing to stand up for their rights at a time where women had no say.

They looked beyond the consequences of being imprisoned or even killed, and from their courage and tenacity, a new hope was born for the people.

I am sure they got discouraged at some point, even with their fellow women and wondered if it was really possible, but instead of letting worry and fear dictate their days, they encouraged each other and were able to lead other women to the march which made history for us.

So today, encourage yourself and your fellow sisters, build your sister up, support each other’s ideas, be a shoulder to lean on and celebrate when your fellow women know

Archaic Human National Women's Day


It is so important to learn to appreciate ourselves. It’s from this that our purpose is defined, that we are able to do things beyond our expectations. And through loving ourselves, we understand who we are, and through that overflow, we can empower others and do great things together. For Rahima, Helen, Sophie and Lilian as you read their stories even beyond the March, they enjoyed the things they did and did them out of love.

Learn to do everything out of self-love. The simplest of things like taking a walk, reading and of course taking care of your hair and skin, which we love to do here at Archaic Human. Let these things not just be a routine but habits from which self-confidence blossoms.

One way to share the joy of National Women's Day is to create a lady's spa day. Invite your friends and pamper yourselves on wash day.

Check out these cool products you can use with your friends to celebrate Women’s Day and get to feel all classy and sassy. A reminder that you can conquer the world.

Wash (Archaic Human African Black Soap)

From the origins of Ghana, our black soap will provide a deep cleanse to your hair, giving it good moisture and a natural shine to it.

Deep Treatment (WGN Clarifying Chocolate Mask)

Who does not love the smell of chocolate? This deep mask treatment will leave your hair feeling buttery soft and super clean.

Moisturize (Natural Aura whipped Soufflé)

Our new whipped Souffle, with Moringa and Almond Oil as key ingredients, will help seal in moisture, while combating hair breakage, split ends and promoting hair growth.

Archaic Human Online African Black Soap Chocolate Clarifying Mask Whipped Hair Souffle

You can always pop-in a DIY mani-pedi, face mask, and a good glass of wine for the complete package. It is all about appreciation, so go on ladies dial up your girlfriends and let us pamper ourselves. You totally deserve it.

It’s not just about Wash Day.

One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. - Maya Angelou

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!

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