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Moisture Series: Pre-poo


Pre-poo Magic by WGN SolutionsThe first time I came across the term ‘pre-poo’, I was quite perplexed. “What in the world could this be?” I would ask myself until I bit the bullet and tried it out. Two years later and I am an advocate of the pre-poo process! My hair has responded to this simple step so well, I feel guilty any time I leave it out. Not only does my hair feel moisturised for longer, it is healthier and happier.


Pre-pooing has come into the spotlight with many products being developed to suit different hair types, textures, and porosities. I cannot speak for the different products, but when trying something new, start simple. Using an oil to pre-poo the hair is a great first step to determining whether it makes a difference to your tresses. Once you have determined the porosity of your hair, it becomes easier to identify the right type of oils (see The Beginner’s Guide to Oil) to keep your hair moisturised and to create a hair routine that works for you.

Here is one of the recommended ways to include the pre-poo process in your routine:


Coconut Oil Archaic HumanSimply part the hair into sections and apply the oil from ends to roots while finger detangling. Once done, place a shower cap over your hair and continue with your day. With oils, this treatment can be left overnight but any pre-poo treatment must be applied at least 30 minutes before shampooing.

Coconut oil is a favoured oil in the pre-poo treatment as it helps protect the hair from losing protein in the washing process but any oil or oil mix will suffice. When using this oil, lightly spritzing the hair with water is recommended before applying the oil.


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  • Be aware that it takes time to find the right oil/ oil mix or conditioner that works for your hair.
  • Start by using products you already have.
  • The sections you create when pre-pooing can be used when washing and moisturising the hair, reducing unnecessary tangling.
  • Changes are not immediate. Pre-pooing is not a miracle cure for dry hair if your hair is not properly moisturised after conditioning.
  • Do not forget to cleanse occasionally to rid your hair of product build-up.

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  • Perspective by Pai
Comments 2
  • Vanessa

    I have low porosity hair and I’ve found that pre-pooing keeps my hair moisturised for longer after wash-day! So I’m sticking to it.

  • Zamo

    This came at the perfect time. It’s my wash day today and I’m usually too lazy to pre-poo but I’ll definitely add it to my routine before washing hair.

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