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Protective Styling Series: The Wrap


One thing I love about winter is all the head wraps that come out to play. It’s terrible when people use the term ‘winter colours’ referring to dark and dull colours. Why do we restrict ourselves when we are here in sunny Africa? Even if the wind chill factor is below 10 degrees?

HeadwrapThere are many ways to keep the chill from your hair without stressing your hairline or sitting in a salon for hours. Wearing a headwrap is one of them. There are so many ways you can tie wraps and a whole host of videos online to help you do it.

Although I am the first to admit I am a two-trick pony with my standard two head wrap styles, I have a feeling this winter is going to be different. Really. I will have three in my repertoire.

When I see women with brightly coloured headwraps, I just smile inside and wish more of us followed suit. Also, your hair will love the well-deserved break!

We tend to bring out the wraps on special occasions only. On days like heritage day and traditional weddings. However, I see that trend slowly shifting and becoming less of a trend and more of a lifestyle. I hope to see many more of us rocking our wraps throughout the year with pride.


To further protect your hair under the wrap, spritz your hair with your favourite aqua based moisturiser and lightly oil with some coconut oil or any oil mix you prefer. If you're not a fan of DIY oil mixing, try WGN’s Growth Elixir or Growth Blend as a daily use oil.

Pay particular attention to your edges as the material tends to rub them more than the rest of the hair, making the edges prone to drying out and breaking. Try gently massaging some castor oil on them daily.

You should also tie a satin scarf underneath your wrap for extra protection. The smooth satin fabric reduces friction and dryness.

All in all, winter is a great time to play around with protective styles and headwraps and liven things up with colour.

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  • Debra Rioga
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