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Blog — Protective Style

Hair Accessories: Beads

Hair Accessories: Beads 0

Beads are in, or rather, just making their way back to us. For centuries beads have been worn as accessories, shown as works of art and used as currency.
5 Ways to Stop a Receding Hairline

5 Ways to Stop a Receding Hairline 2

I have a hairline problem, kindly recommend the best products.

5 Essential Winter Accessories

5 Essential Winter Accessories 0

As winter approaches, you know it's time to step up your hair game. Time to bring out the vests, boots, scarves, and gloves. But what about protection for your hair?
Protective styling: The Shrunken Fro

Protective styling: The Shrunken Fro 0

I have short natural hair and I'm looking for easy hairstyles. Does wearing my hair in its shrunken state count as a protective style?
Let’s Talk Scalp Care

Let’s Talk Scalp Care 0

We all love to have long and entertaining conversations about our hair. I personally love it when a person approaches me and looking at my hair with wonder, asks: “How do you do that with your hair?”
10 TIPS How to Prevent Hair Breakage: Part 2

10 TIPS How to Prevent Hair Breakage: Part 2 0

Remember that growing beautiful, healthy hair is more than just products which is why we bring you this easy to read information to help you along your healthy hair journey.