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Blog — Regimen

Protective styling: The Shrunken Fro

Protective styling: The Shrunken Fro 0

I have short natural hair and I'm looking for easy hairstyles. Does wearing my hair in its shrunken state count as a protective style?
Zintle's Hair Regimen

Zintle's Hair Regimen 0

Zintle is going to share her thoughts and experiences with her hair with us. 

Why did you decide to go natural?

Moisture Series: Deep Condition

Moisture Series: Deep Condition 0

A deep conditioning treatment is a method used to achieve maximum moisture and nourishment into the hair strands.
Protective Styling Series: The Braided Wig

Protective Styling Series: The Braided Wig 0

Let’s talk about braided wigs. Although they are convenient and save time, I personally am not a fan. Perhaps I haven’t seen great ones out there, but the ones I have seen tend to look like a hat sitting on a head.
Basic Wash-Day Routine

Basic Wash-Day Routine 2

This blog is for those who want to take charge of their wash-days but don’t know where to start. I’ve listed some of the 4 most used products to complete your wash-day.
Beginner's Series 4: Prep for Wash Day

Beginner's Series 4: Prep for Wash Day 0

BEST tip for a beginner’s “wash day”:

  • The night or day before (to make things easier for you), plan and write down the steps you’ll use/take to wash your hair and the products you will need.