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The Benefits of Grapeseed Oil


I recently had a chat with a friend of mine who had heard amazing things about grapeseed oil. However, as soon as she had it in her hands, she wasn't sure what to do with it.

Here are a few ways that you can use this oil on your hair. I'll add a couple of ways that you can use it on your skin as well.


Grapeseed oil is derived from pressed grape seeds.


Archaic Human grapeseed oilThis oil is lighter than coconut oil, so it won’t leave your hair feeling greasy and weighed down when you wash it out.

This oil is a great option for you if you’re sensitive to smells or if you don’t like it when your hair clashes with your perfume because it has no odour.

It’s great for strengthening hair, including chemically treated hair, due to its high levels of ceramides, vitamin E that assists in building hair tissue and linoleic acid that promotes hair growth.

It’s a mild heat protectant so it’s perfect all-year as we have sunny and warm winter days.

It also adds shine and lustre to the hair.


    Hot Oil Treatment

    grapeseed oil for hair archaic humanWarm the oil by placing it in a bowl. Then place the bowl on another bowl of hot water. When the oil has warmed up, apply it to your hair. Start at the ends and work your way up to your roots. Your hair doesn’t have to be clean to do this. Then wash it out with shampoo and continue with your normal wash day routine.

    Hair Sealant

    Use as part of the LOC or LCO Method.

    Scalp Massage

    Massage it onto the scalp when you are suffering from dry, itchy scalp, dandruff and dermatitis on wash day before beginning your usual wash day routine.

    Deep Conditioner

    Add grapeseed oil to your conditioner when you do a deep conditioning treatment.


    Night Serum

    grapeseed oil for skin archaic humanWash your face with your preferred product, tone (if you do) and then apply the oil on damp skin. Massage the oil into the skin for about 2 minutes until it absorbs into the skin.

    Grapeseed oil is a light sealant of moisture. It minimises scarring and prevents acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and high oxidant content.

    Makeup Remover

    Rub it into the skin then wipe away the makeup with a warm, damp towel.


    Add it to your body cream or as an ingredient to your DIY shea butter mix.

    So here you go! If you have some grapeseed oil in your cupboard and aren't sure what to do with it, you now have a few ways to make use of it. 

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